HadaVoz is a creative digital studio based in Los Angeles. HadaVoz aims to enhance digital content by creating real-life, inspiring stories.

About  
Amelia Amell is both an arts advocate and an art director who has helped develop award-winning advertising campaigns.  Informed by masters degrees in both Spiritual Psychology and Multimedia Communication, her personal, mostly digital art springs from the place where spiritual truth and earthly life collide. Besides art, her great passion in life is caring for others.  She has helped transform the lives of incarcerated individuals through The Freedom to Choose Project, mentors a child whose family was affected by cancer as part of Walk with Sally, and periodically mentors other teens with creative projects in and around her adopted hometown of Manhattan Beach .

Carlos Montoya is a video editor and motion graphics artist with background in film and cinematography. His short film, Cabbage Patch Kids was featured and exhibit at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, Ca. As an Editor and Motion Graphics animator, he has won Gold and Silver at Cannes Lions and at One Show.